Mill - Dreams & Wishes (Prod. by Jengi Beats)

Mill – Dreams & Wishes (Prod. by Jengi Beats)

I’ll be honest, this track flashes across my SoundCloud scroll and I assumed it was some sort of odd Meek Mill remix. In my defense, I’m sure Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend has written at least a song or five titled “Dreams & Wishes.”¬†Luckily, what it turned out to be is significantly better than listening to four minutes of someone screaming about guns and their Rolex.

Mill is a rapper from Amsterdam, and a pretty soulful one at that. “Dreams & Wishes” is introspective, funny, and a little corny in the best way all at once. It’s buoyed by a lush instrumental from Jengi Beats, which features gorgeous electric piano and pulsating drums.

With a charismatic flow and honest, refreshing lyrics, Mill shines as an alt-hop poet making music that is insanely easy to connect with.

The track is a powerful testament to what can come out of true producer-MC chemistry, and is reminiscent of one of my personal favorite foreign rappers, David Dallas.