Listen to: Island - "Stargazer"

Listen to: Island – “Stargazer”

Come on, you know it’s too early in fall for you to be staying inside all night. If you’re a pessimist, it’s almost sweater weather already. But, if you’re an optimist like me, you’ve still got a solid two weeks to get busy outside before the winter seals you up inside for the foreseeable future. I’m trying to do you a favor.

But Joe, what are you talking about?

I’ll give it to you straight – you need an uplifting experience to carry you through ’til spring. And since no one has ever gotten laid by playing “Wonderwall” at a talent show, you need a better strategy than breaking out the old guitar. Why not at least give yourself a chance by taking some stranger out by the water, pour a few glasses of fine wine, put on ISLAND’s song “Stargazer,” and try to boink on the grass while it’s still warm enough?

Go out there and make your parents proud.

Listen to “Stargazer” below and stay tuned to PGM for more on ISLAND and their upcoming EP.