Destroyer - Girl in a Sling

Destroyer – Girl in a Sling

Destroyer’s Dan Bejar one of the most inventive voices in modern music, and that shines through on “Girl in a Sling,” the second track to be released off his upcoming LP, Poison Season. 

The track is a radical departure from the driving wall of sound that characterized “Dream Lover,” and indicates that the album, which made our most anticipated list for the rest of the year, is going to be a melange of sonic styles and influences.

“Girl in a Sling” comes already armed with a bleak music video alternating between dimly lit shots of Bejar and haunting images of dilapidated suburbia.

The video’s director, David Galloway, sums the release up nicely in an accompanying press release.

“Bejar sings a lot about cities and girls and injury, sometimes all at the same time,” he says.

Musically, “Girl in a Sling” is undeniably somber, with Bejar crooning over a soft bed of synths and strings. The lack of percussion only serves to highlight his unique vocal cadence and force the listener to pay attention to his incredible lyricism.

“I’ve been sifting through these remains for years, bitter tears, bitter pills/Oh it sucks when there’s nothing but gold in those hills,” he sings.