Ariel Ariel - Comme Toi

Ariel Ariel – Comme Toi

I stumbled upon French Indie Pop group Ariel Ariel’s song “Comme Toi” a few months ago on Soundcloud and immediately fell in love with the sound. The track opens with an untamed, somewhat Hendrix-esque guitar riff. Soon after, the riff is surrounded with a blanket of fuzzy chords.

The voice of singer Ariel Tintar then appears, almost shocking in tone – soothing and lovely. While it is softer than the opening guitar, Tintar’s voice carries a complementary energy to the earlier instrumentation. The track shapes up to be an atmospheric gem, radiating coolness and showcasing careful craftsmanship. At 3 minutes and 38 seconds, “Comme Toi” is just the right length to leave you ready to play it again.

While Ariel Ariel seems to be a side project for Tintar – his other group, Pendentif, is more poppy and electronic – we can only hope he continues to make great music.

Check out “Comme Toi” below, and stay tuned to PGM for more updates on Ariel Ariel.