R. Kelly - "I've Done 462 songs" for Upcoming Album

R. Kelly – “I’ve Done 462 songs” for Upcoming Album

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s a joke when it comes to R. Kelly. He’s such an eccentric character that his legal record sounds like a myth. For example, R. Kelly was found guilty of beating up someone so bad they needed 110 facial stitches. He had sex with Tiffany Hawkins when she was 15, tried to secretly marry singer Aaliyah when she was 15, and (of course) there’s the video of him urinating on an underage girl.

More important than R. Kelly’s past is his present. The artist intends to release his 13th studio album, titled The Buffet, in late September. The self-proclaimed “King of R&B” talked a bit about his process with EW.

“I walk around every day with a radio playing constantly in my head, and this station plays a lot of hits,” says R. Kelly. “But it’s all my songs, so that’s something to be excited about.” This might sound like he’s lost a few of his marbles, but he brings it back by saying,

I’ve done 462 songs for this particular album. They’re not ideas, they are whole full songs. I wanted to be sure that I really nailed it to the point that when I started breaking it down […] to the songs that go on the album that I had more than enough to choose from, and they would all be great choices.

The rest of the interview starts to fall apart, as Kelly rambles on about everything from his past to the fact that he wrote “seven or eight country songs.” The interview culminates in R. Kelly talking about his fans, saying in the same magical sentence that they are spoiled, but he needs to give them what they want with The Buffet.

We’re all just a little bit unclear what exactly we should be expecting from R. Kelly, let alone The Buffet, so let’s just all listen to the King of R&B’s famous ongoing project, “Trapped in the Closet.”

Listen to “Trapped in the Closet” below and stay tuned to PGM for news and updates on The Buffet.