zorenLo - The Abstraction EP

zorenLo – The Abstraction EP

The versatile, elusive, polyglot known as zorenLo has come through once again with a project that no one saw coming. Continuing his musical momentum, zorenLo drops his first solo body of work called “The Abstraction EP”. In one word I would say that it bangs. Mixing influences from tribal house, dancehall, and hip-hop, to name a few, zorenLo creates an atmosphere of confusion as to what you’re even listening to. Each song transcends genre and on Soundcloud the only tag given is “Avant-Hard”.

If you’re in Europe aggressively raving then ‘Drums in C Minor’ is definitely for you. If you’re Kevin Durant and you’re getting ready for the big game then ‘Syncopated Salsa’ will get you pumped up. If you just want to hear Lorenzo rap, because why not, then ‘The Song Where I Rap’ is more your speed. Check the whole thing out here: