Vacationer - "Relief"

Vacationer – “Relief”

Philadelphia band Vacationer burst onto the scene in 2012 with their strong debut Gone, an album filled with bizarre samples, sharp lyrics and a fresh, genre-bending approach.

It has been two years, but the five-piece is back with their sophomore LP, Relief. It’s a brighter, shinier record that occasionally veers into cheesy territory but stays consistently enjoyable.

Single “In The Grass” blends a whirring flute sample with chugging drums and a wonderfully restrained guitar lick that makes it catchier and more infectious than anything on the band’s first release. “Paradise Waiting” blends a crackling piano line with buzzing synths to create a perfect summer track.

The album has some moments that don’t work, including “The Wild Life,” which sounds a little too much like Owl City for comfort, but overall Relief is the ideal summer album; brief, uplifting and replayable.

You can purchase Relief on iTunes, or stream it above.