GoldLink and Anderson .Paak Just Made Your Favorite '80s Song

GoldLink and Anderson .Paak Just Made Your Favorite ’80s Song

D.C.’s GoldLink is quietly one of the most important names in hip-hop right now. His smooth, house-influenced “future bounce” sound is Schedule I addictive, and his rapid fire flow has only gotten sharper since dropping The God Complex last year.

With And After That We Didn’t Talk, his fantastically-titled debut album coming Nov. 14, he’s gifted us the smooth, sensual “Unique,” featuring alt-rap wunderkind and noted Dr. Dre ghostwriter Anderson .Paak.

While GoldLink’s music is undeniably futuristic, it also boasts some nods to our nation’s most glorious sonic era: the 1980s and early ’90s. “Unique” plays that up perfectly, with a subtle slap bass tone, flanging synths and chugging percussion that worms its way into your brain after just a few bars.

The track harkens back to an era of carefree, genuine hip-hop that isn’t easy to invoke. Yes shiny suit rap is out of style, but every once in a while we all need to get our June Ambrose on.

.Paak and GoldLink are a dream pairing, with the former’s raspy, conversational delivery complimenting the latter’s drawn out, sing-song flow.

So long story short if you need some new music for your “Standing on the bow of my yacht” playlist, throw this track in there.