Fossa — "Sea of Skies"

Fossa — “Sea of Skies”

After bumping into a demo of “Butterfly” that we stumbled across, we contacted the band only to learn they were releasing a debut EP with 3 other tracks. Our writer, Robert Don, reflected on the EP:

Fossa, a four-piece alternative group based in London has recently released their debut EP, Sea of Skies.

This is a band to keep an eye out for in the future.  Fossa has a uniquely interesting sound — their combination of rich acoustic sounds competing with the highly programmed electronic makes for an ethereal listening experience; like a day-dreamer, head in the clouds but feet firmly planted on the ground.

I’ll be frank — on my first listen through, I gave the band a cursory glance. I quickly wrote off their style as ‘derivative’. However, a week after that first listen I found myself humming the acoustic guitar’s waltz line on “Sea of Trees.” I decided to have another proper go at the EP and was immediately impressed by how well the band had imprinted their melodies and their sound upon my memory. Guitarist Tom Dunning’s licks are simple yet unassumingly smart and well-textured. Combined with sections of symphonic strings and a penchant for the polyrhythmic, Fossa demonstrates their wide range of influences all within a memorable 4-song EP.

Sea of Skies is available via Fossa’s bandcamp as a name-your-price digital download or shippable CD.