SPEAK - "Pedals"

SPEAK – “Pedals”

SPEAK are an indie pop band from Austin, TX, and over the past year they’ve emerged as one of my personal favorite up-and-coming groups. Their music is always innovative and surprising, yet incredibly catchy and easy to listen to.

Their new album, Pedals, was just released yesterday and is the product of two years of hard work. A few of the songs have been out for a while including the anthemic “Peaks,” and “Be Reasonable, Diane,” which is my pick for the best song of 2014 thus far. It’s a fascinating track that seamlessly shifts from cheesy, ’80s synths into more traditional indie rock.

What sets SPEAK apart from scores of bands with similar sounds is their incredible attention to detail. Every track has dozens of nuances and layers that few other indie acts would put into their songs, and it’s what makes each song so easy to replay.

Before the year started Pedals was my pick for best album of the year, and it’s going to be tough to top it.

You can stream the album above, or cop it on iTunes.