Louis Mattrs - Superman

Louis Mattrs – Superman

Why compare a girl to Wonder Woman when you can compare her to Superman?  Louis Mattrs, from Brighton, UK, would ask the same question.  Louis has been on the scene for a bit, releasing his Beachy Head EP in 2013.  His forthcoming EP, Slow Waves, is coming out soon and he has released the first single from it.  Care to take a guess on the name?  Well don’t, because it’s plastered all over this page.

If I had to describe “Superman” in one word, it would be smooth.  The constant thump of the bass lays the framework for a mixture of sounds to come out and explore your eardrums.  A little electronic drums here, some xylophone there, the end result is a crisp, relaxing beat.  Mattrs vocals aren’t too shabby either, as he demonstrates his range throughout the song singing about a girl he’s got a thing for.

I really want to see what he can create with those production skills.  Hopefully we’ll get that EP sooner than later.

Listen to Superman below and let us know what you think.