Watch: Marina and the Diamonds - Blue

Watch: Marina and the Diamonds – Blue

“We’ve broken up and now I regret it” sings Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis out of a blue car at a sad county fair in the newly-released video for “Blue.” It is a breakup song dressed up as a bubbly pop jam in which Marina sings about heartbreak and the feeling of returning to a source of comfort she knows is wrong.

This is classic Marina and the Diamonds, as the breakup tone is reminiscent of her song, “I’m a Ruin,” and the video’s artistic style continues what she perfected with Froot. The music video, shot at Dreamland Pleasure Park, was directed by Charlotte Rutherford, who shot the photography for Froot.

Watch the music video for “Blue” below and stay tuned to PGM for more updates on Marina and the Diamonds.