Isael X - Masterplan

Isael X – Masterplan

Chicago rapper Isael X’s profile has been steadily rising over the past few months, and he’s poised to make an even bigger splash when his LSD Vol. III mixtape drops on July 6th.

Until then, the MC, who is part of the Private Stock collective, has been giving us plenty of tracks to build hype for the project. On the heels of “Hong Kong” and “Penthouse” comes “Masterplan,” the last single before LSD is released.

The track has a hazy feel to it, with a shimmering beat provided by Smoke A Sac. There are shades of Saba in Isael’s delivery, storytelling ability and candid lyrics, and “Masterplan” certainly has a sonic similarity to his outstanding mixtape Comfort Zone. Ab-Soul also comes to mind as a point of comparison, the two MCs have similar deliveries and a heart-on-their-sleeve style of lyricism that makes their music easy to connect with.

“Masterplan” is a track that you can simply put on and zone out, but it also has significant heft to it, making it a versatile record. We can’t wait to hear what else Isael has in store.

Check out “Masterplan” below, and check back on July 6th for LSD Vol. III