R.O.E. - Good Times (Live)

R.O.E. – Good Times (Live)

When Chicago hip-hop burst onto the scene, much was made about the aggressive, violent drill sound that first rose to prominence. But lately, the city’s more soulful, introspective sound has become the topic of conversation. R.O.E. certainly falls into the latter camp.

“Good Times” is an undeniably fun, jazzy track, and the live clip showcases R.O.E.’s stage presence and chemistry with his band. It doesn’t have the same footwork influence as some of the Save Money collective’s work, but the more straightforward, throwback sound is more reminiscent of New York’s Pro Era collective.

He also has a “Live in Chicago” album coming soon which we’ll be sure to throw on the site.

Listen to “To Happiness,” R.O.E.’s most recent EP, down below: