Gia Koka - Moan + Upcoming EP

Gia Koka – Moan + Upcoming EP

Dutch songstress Gia Koka first came to our attention with the blistering “FCUKU” last August, and she was gracious enough to sit down with us for an interview just as her profile began to rise.

Now, nearly a year later, she’s gearing up for the release of her Feux Rouges EP on June 25th, and has continued to hone her minimalist indie pop sound to perfection.

The latest single, “Moan,” is a seething mix of grimy synths and breathy vocals that is perhaps her best work since “FCUKU” debuted. It’s her most sexual track, but it’s far from a sellout. The track has an industrial feel that’s different from a lot of her previous work, and the dizzying mix of pitch bent vocals simply engulf the listener.

Check out “Moan” below and be sure to visit PGM on the 25th for more updates on Gia Koka’s EP release: