NVMX - "Welcome to the Darkside"

NVMX – “Welcome to the Darkside”

If you fancy yourself a fan of artists like The Weekend and Partynextdoor, odds are NVMX is up your alley. That is, if your alley is full of ominous, tripped-out R&B.

NVMX hails from Toronto, and the OVO influence is certainly evident in Welcome to the Darkside, but he’s more than just a carbon copy of that seedy, late-night club sound that has become so popular lately.

Songs like “Gone Without Me” and “RNB” have a more traditional early-2000s R&B vibe, but they’re both incredibly catchy tracks that don’t sound dated at all. NVMX also showcases his talents as an MC, which adds an interesting twist to the EP.