Uniform - "Our Blood"

Uniform – “Our Blood”

Uniform opened for Iceage a few months back at Sub T in Chicago. As opposed to the standard thrash metal that came before their set and the oddly underwhelming show from Iceage, Uniform destroyed the audience. With a wall of amps and a table of electronics that filled the modest stage at Subterranean, the Brooklyn duo created the sonic equivalent of a blitzkrieg. They made noise hypnotic with unrelentingly repetitive drum beats and squealing guitars. At some point throughout their set, with my ears rapidly losing their ability to pick up on high frequencies, I was completely enveloped in the pulsing low end of “Our Blood.” Lead Singer Ben Greenberg spat and strangled himself with the mic cable. He struggled to project above the steadily growing wall of distortion and his mangled voice faded in and out like a drowning man screaming for help before having his head thrown under an incoming wave.

The studio recording of “Our Blood” does a surprisingly good job of capturing everything that made their live show so compelling. Although they may have played this for 20 minutes live, the 7 minute version is just as brutal. Stream it below and look for their 12” this summer:

Their website is here.