photo by Justin Enoch

Iman Omari – Samadhi EP

LA based beat maker Iman Omari has specialized in woozy, spaced out beats for a couple years now, his closest peer being the utterly unstoppable KnxwledgeRecently, however, he’s expanded his sound to include smooth, buttery vocals and it’s his vocal performance that drives brand new EP,  Samadhi. Though his heavy jazz influence remains in the instrumentals, they’re calmer and more meditative, allowing Omari to reflect on love. Given his affiliation with L.O.E (Love Over Everything), the subject matter isn’t very surprising, but its execution in conjunction with the blissfully, hypnotic beats present one of Omari’s most cohesive and affecting works so far. He’s a magnetic performer overflowing with positivity and this EP is a testament to Omari’s artist growth over the past few years. Worth repeat listenings, stream below: