Appomattox Trap House – Potluck

“Potluck,” the debut album from up-and-coming Northwestern hip-hop duo Appomattox Trap House, has finally emerged, and it’s a doozy. Well-balanced between goofier numbers like “Roslyn Money” and some deeper tracks like “Hospital Beds,” the group has expand upon the potential they demonstrated on early singles like “Don Cheadle.” The production shines throughout: “Bad Kids” rides a chugging reggae beat, and “Jack Rabbits” takes a grimy, unnerving turn. PGM favorite Freddy Mummix also makes a few appearances throughout, including a stellar turn on “Schizo.” These guys are some of Northwestern’s hardest working musicians, and “Potluck” is well worth your time. Stream/download it above, and check back for more news about these guys in the future.